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You and your senior have come so far and worked so hard. What better way to celebrate than to invest in custom portraits that will last for generations?
We are not here to grab a few photos and hand you a CD that will get lost in a drawer.
We are here to walk you through each step of creating unique artwork that you will love to see on your wall every day.
- Ashley Siegert, CPP, Cr. Photog
Ashley Siegert,
CPP, Cr.\Photog
Ashley has been shooting still photography professionally since 2011, and alongside a 13 year career in sports television, has developed an eye for storytelling. Ashley fell in love with Birth photography in 2012 and has been shooting at least 10 births/ year ever since. Ashley earned her Certified Professional Photography license in 2014 and her Master Photographic Craftsman degree in 2017.
Kathy Norwood,
CPP, Cr.Photog
Kathy opened her company, K. Norwood Portraiture in 2006 specializing in weddings and family portraits. She started birth photography by shooting the births of her grandchildren and then assisting Ashley with private birth clients in 2015. Kathy earned her Certified Professional Photography license in 2009 and her Master Photographic Craftsman degree in 2017.
First Year
Your baby will grow so quickly, and you don't want to forget a thing! 
Our first year program consists of 4 portrait sessions over your baby's first year. 
Most families choose the following 4 session times: Newborn, 4mo. 8mo. and 1 year.
Ashley is talented, professional and seriously amazing. If you are looking for a photographer, Ashley is by far the most educated, most experienced photographer in Bryan-College Station.
- Stephanie Leatherwood
Working with Ashley is a full custom experience. She will help you choose location, wardrobe, hair &makeup, prints, albums, wall portraits, and even send a professional installer to hang your wall art in your home.
-Julia Kott
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