Ashley Diamond Siegert,
CPP, Cr. Photog

Founder of The Ultimate Birth Photography Resource
Ashley has been shooting professionally since 2011. She earned her Certified Professional Photographer license in 2014 and her Master Photographic Craftsman degree in January of 2017. Ashley learned storytelling and production from her 13 year career in sports television working for ESPN.
Suggested Interview Topics
1. The growing trend of birth photography in the market
2. Things to consider when adding birth photography to your business
3. Hacking the photography business with strategic marketing and differentiation "Become a Banana"
(in a market comparing apples to apples)
Suggested Interview Questions
1. Is birth photography just a fad or is it here to stay?
2. What unique challenges come with birth photography and how to combat those challenges
3. Is there real money in birth photography when the time commitment is so intense?
4. How does someone get permission to shoot a birth?
Where to find Ashley

Phone: 404-944-6780

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